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Student Intervention Services

Dear Emory Students, Parents, and Colleagues,

We live in a society that emphasizes and rewards achievement – often placing students under great pressure to succeed. While enrollment at a top university like Emory helps prepare students for success, it can also amplify pressures that they must manage in order to do so. 

In addition, Emory students tend to be high achievers, and some find it difficult to seek help and guidance when they need it. Our office strives to make it easier for students to reach out to us for assistance and resources. 

Our Student Intervention Services (SIS) Team consists of trained professionals who can help students balance their academic, work, and personal lives. We provide support and resources to help them ensure they are making the most of their time at Emory and developing a lifestyle conducive to their own happiness and success.

If you are a student concerned about your success, we hope you will use the resources that we offer. We invite you to make an appointment and talk with a SIS Team member. If you are concerned about the success of another student, we urge you to contact the SIS Team and make a referral.

If you are a parent who needs help in supporting your student, please contact the SIS Team. We can assist in navigating the challenges and embracing the opportunities of college life.  

If you are a faculty member concerned about a student, and you need assistance, please contact the SIS Team.

Remember, we are here to support our students and help them to succeed in their Emory experience and prepare for success throughout their lives.


Adrienne Slaughter, LCSW, MSW 
Director of Student Success Programs and Services
Emory Campus Life