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Meet the Director

Adrienne Slaughter, LCSW, MSW

Adrienne Slaughter

In addition to her new role as director of the Office of Student Success Programs and Services, Adrienne Slaughter continues to serve as a case manager with Campus Life’s Student Health and Counseling Services. 

A licensed clinical social worker with extensive clinical training and more than 20 years in assignments that include behavior analyst, psychotherapist, clinical care manager, and instructor, she holds a master’s in social work and a bachelor’s in sociology.

During her graduate studies at Augsburg College, Adrienne discovered her desire to be a psychotherapist and her determination to identify with her clients first and foremost as people, not primarily on the basis of their diagnoses or their patient status. 

At HealthEast Care Systems, Minnesota’s largest and most reputable nonprofit mental health organization, Adrienne gained experience as a psychotherapist and a clinical care manager, working with adults with persistent mental health and emotional issues.

Adrienne’s rigorous clinical training and broad experience have given her exceptional insight grounded in a profound knowledge of individual, couples, group, and trauma-based therapy, as well as family counseling and various addictions.

With her extraordinary background, Adrienne is skilled in working with clients from any age group, individuals representing diverse cultural backgrounds, and patients presenting with severe trauma and abuse histories, psychotic disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, parenting issues, and stress management needs.

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