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Lending Library

The Lending Library is a new initiative being presented by the Office of Student Success Programs and Services (OSSPS). The Lending Library was created out of a financial need for students who experience financial insecurities when purchasing textbooks. Over the past 10 years the cost of textbooks have risen, causing the purchase of textbooks to be difficult for low socio-economic status students. The Lending Library is an initiative to combat some of these difficulties.

If you are in need of a particular textbook, please fill out the form below, and a confirmation email will be sent saying your form was received. If the books requested are within our office, we will provide all books the next day of the request between the hours of 10am and 12pm. Note: This is the first year of this exciting initiative and while we have several books, we do not have every book.

All books must be returned by the last month of each semester (December 5,2016 and May 1, 2016) on the first Monday of that month.

If you have questions, please contact Adrienne Bryant, Assistant Director OSSPS:; 404-727-3176.