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Support for Undocumented Students

If you are an undocumented student with questions or concerns, please reach out directly to SSPS' director, Adrienne Slaughter ( in order to maintain privacy. When appropriate and necessary, we can make a confidential referral to the Emory department best suited to address your concerns.

As the university continues to meet with key constituents and evaluate the steps it can take in partnership with other organizations to help our undocumented community members in these uncertain times, below are some resources that Emory offers students to help overcome many challenges.

Student Success Programs and Services assists in times of crisis, including, but not limited to meeting academic, medical, financial, and social challenges, as well as helping assault survivors.  SSPS offers assistance and a safe space to access resources.

For information on legal requirements and University policies applicable in the event that federal or state law enforcement agents arrive on campus to request information or enforce state and/or federal laws as to students, including immigration laws. Questions regarding this information should be directed to the Office of Legal Counsel.

International Student Life is designed to connect international students to meaningful campus life opportunities, to provide intentional events and programs that highlight the diversity of nationalities and cultures at Emory, and provide opportunities for all students to connect in a meaningful way.

Counseling and Psychological Services and the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life are confidential sources of help for students, including crisis intervention, community referrals and community outreach services. 

The Office of Undergraduate Admission outlines its policies regarding undocumented and DACA students below. is a website dedicated to information, resources, and feedback on some of the major issues concerning the Emory community. Follow our progress on initiatives specific to undocumented individuals by visiting the link below.