SCMIS operates in a Non-Clinical Model of Case Management that focuses on assessing needs, referring to services, coordinating care, and supporting all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.


A case manager will meet with you to have a conversation and hear from you directly what your challenges are.


We'll connect you to resources tailored to your specific needs, let you know the correct office/person to contact, where you can find assistance.


We can directly introduce you to a provider, work together with your program's staff or department heads, connect you with your academic or financial aid advisors, and act as a central touch point for other Emory offices.


This can look like on-going case management, continuing to share resources, or advocating for you.

SCMIS works with students to reduce barriers and connect them to supportive resources related to:


Housing insecurity

Food insecurity

Elevated academic concerns

Mental health

Limited financial resources that are impeding access to supplies needed for academic success

Textbook scholarship awards



Submit a Student of Concern form

Whether you’re a student interested in connecting with supportive resources, or you’re referring a student you’re concerned about, making a referral to the Student Case Management team is simple. Complete the web form below to submit a self-referral or refer a student to speak with a Case Manager. All referrals are kept private to the fullest extent possible by law and consistent with university policy. Remember that our goal is to help students be successful.

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